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What You Can expect from us!

* Good instructions
* Honesty
* Good contact
* Nutritional advice
* The health declaration
* Purchase contract

  • Tamed
  • Trained
  • Playful
  • Healthy
  • Friendly
  • And well behaved exotic pets ready for new homes

What Can You Expect From Our Pets ?

  • Well cared for
    * Well socialized
    * Vaccinated
    * Chipped
    * Dewormed
    * In possession of a pedigree (pedigree)
    * In possession of a passport

Exotic pets available for sale


What we expect from you!!

* Knowledge about the breed you want
* Lots of love for your exotic pet
* Lots of patience
* Follow our advice

Capuchin monkeys for sale
capuchin monkeys for sale

Firstly, if you are interested in reading more about capuchin monkeys for sale then you should contact us. You can be better informed before going ahead to make the decision to buy a capuchin monkey as a pet. All our monkeys are home raised, truly friendly and like to play with individuals, kids and other home pets. Our monkeys are extremely solid and have immunisations forward-thinking. Capuchin monkeys make the best indoor and family pets, they’re prepared for great and caring homes.

Also marmoset monkeys for sale (also known as a finger monkey ) or a pygmy marmoset. Come learn about our exotic collection of animals or buy your own exotic pet marmoset monkey today and a variety of other exotic monkeys for sale at very affordable prices. Best place for Marmoset monkeys for sale and other exotic pets online. 

Arowana Fish for Sale

Furthermore you can get your arowana fish. And we have Arowana Fish, Arowana fish for sale, Hight Back Golden Arowana, Jardini Arowana Fish. Finally  Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana, Platinum Super Red Arowana available at good prices. 

Are you looking for marmoset monkeys for sale, capuchin monkeys for sale? Also, we have Squirrel monkeys for sale, plus male and female Spider monkeys for sale. All types of Tamarin monkeys for sale and available Macaque monkeys for sale ready for new homes. We have babies and adults, males and females, fully vaccinated and 100% healthy with health guarantee included. 

Moreover we have a variety of parrots and  fertile parrot eggs for sale. We have parrots like African grey parrots for sale, Blue and gold macaws for sale. Umbrella cockatoos for sale, Hyacinth macaws for sale, Scarlet macaws for sale. And Blue-fronted amazons for sale and others. 

Marmoset monkeys for sale