Fennec Fox for sale


We have males and females available. Our Fennec fox for sale can be easily identified by its unusually large ears. Our cute fennec fox can live up to 15 years. We offer outstanding baby fennec foxes for sale with great temperament. We offer nationwide and international transport options for your convenience. Also placing a deposit will guarantee a kit for you. Having your fox spayed or neutered when they are old enough (around 6 months) will help them live a longer, healthier life, as it will protect them from certain cancers and diseases. Sterilizing your fox will also reduce aggression and urine marking.


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Fennec Fox for sale

Firstly all of our fox kits are hand-raised and very sociable. Your kit will come with a care package, travel carrier and breeder support for the lifetime of the animal. The care package includes milk replacer, syringe & Miracle Nipple, premium canned food, dry kibble mix, and a backpack to carry all the supplies. We are USDA-license breeders of tame fennec Fennec fox for sale, bat-eared, and cape foxes.

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Also for an additional fee, fox kits can receive a physical exam and health certificate completed by a licensed veterinarian before leaving our care. As well as the first set of vaccine boosters if desired. A health certificate is a requirement for interstate travel.

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Furthermore foxes are trainable, they are still exotic animals.  Do not expect them to behave completely like a domestic species such as a dog. Our foxes eat raw meat, whole prey and live insects in addition to high quality commercial dog and/or cat food.


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