Our mission is to provide the highest quality husbandry and care to our animals. Also sharing our passion for exotics through education and the conservation of endangered and threatened species. We offer tours, educational programs, and custom private events to spread awareness about animals. We selectively breed and raise several species that are either placed in qualified private homes or other zoos or breeding facilities. At exoticpetscorp.com, we prioritize customer service and back all of our animals with lifetime support, as well as health guarantees in many cases.

We love having our days filled with caring for exotic animals! As we help other pet lovers like you find the perfect new pet for their home or the perfect toys, food, and other items for their existing furry or feathered family members. We love taking care of our exotic pets before they find their family. As much as it can be hard for us to say goodbye to the pets in our care, we are always thrilled to watch them go home. Nothing is more satisfying in an exotic pet store than knowing that the animals we’ve played with, fed, and loved are going home to someone who can take care of them for the rest of their lives.

Our family and our team are passionate about animals. We take the best care possible of the pets in our care so that they are strong, happy, and healthy when they go to their forever family. If you are a pet lover like us, you’ll love our wide selection of pet toys, treats, nutritious foods, and more. We stock our store with the high-quality items that we would want for our own beloved pets.

Since we are a smaller store, we can listen to our customers’ wants and needs. Since the pet lovers who visit our store want the highest quality products, we aim to please the pet owners and their pets with our top-notch inventory. If you have any questions about our inventory of pet products, the pets available for adoption, or anything else, please stop by today or give us a call!