Capuchin monkey for sale


We care about our monkeys and insure quality breeders with the highest standards for your new monkey. Every breeder is federally licensed and in compliance with USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) laws. Every breeder is responsible and held accountable. Each and every monkey goes home with the best health guarantees, pet insurance, microchipping and registration as well as a complete take home package with training materials and take home essentials.

At Exoticpetscorp, we adore animals and enjoy people. We home raise our capuchin monkeys which makes a difference due to early socialisation and interaction with people and other animals.

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Capuchin monkey for sale

Capuchin monkey for sale, let’s go over the most commonly asked questions by people looking to buy a baby capuchin monkey as a pet.

How much does a capuchin monkey cost?
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Why are capuchin monkeys popular pets?
Can I potty train a capuchin monkey?
Do capuchin monkeys bite?
Do capuchin monkeys and kids mix?
Should I get my baby capuchin monkey from a breeder or broker?
Is it legal to keep a capuchin as a pet monkey?
Can capuchin monkeys get diabetes?
What should I feed my capuchin monkeys?

Our Capuchin monkeys are house prepared, diaper and chain prepared, and wear garments. Every one of our Monkeys for sale are clever, aerobatic, and extremely sound. These monkeys are all you can imagine for your family.


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